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Get Norton Setup via to Safeguard PC

In this growing edge of advanced technology, protection and safety for your operating device is become the primary around the globe. No one should let go in bringing his/her device safe and secure against multiple threats or viruses. Internet plays a vital role in harming the PC with damaged files or data. Therefore, we all should be conscious about it and immediately install the fruitful antivirus software to stop unwanted files be entered into the PC. Though, there are numbers of companies proffer antivirus application but the most wanted and preferable one is Norton Antivirus. Norton is the highly protective antivirus software which needed to set up on your devices. The official link is for setting up Norton effortlessly. Only you need to open this on your web browser and follow the given instructions carefully in order to make your PC strongly protective against the virus or malicious affected data file. If your computer or any other operating device surrounds with viruses, the system will be operating very slowly which might make you so much infuriating. Therefore, it is highly suggested to all computer users that before facing annoying phases, just download and install Norton antivirus.


How You can Remove Virus Using ?

The Norton antivirus program, a highly popular among the people, has been worked in the way of eliminating malware, viruses and other kinds of online and offline threats from being affected the performance of a computer. Norton, being a security service providing company has created various software that are well-known for offering much-required protection in terms of data protection, database security, network security, web security and much more. When we talk about its working ability, then it basically works to scan the system and delete the harmful viruses very quickly if it detects. With such a wide range of programing application and safety available with Norton, login learn the easiest possible way to complete the Norton Setup process for both PC and mobile users. Keep continue reading the mentioned information for getting an effective ideas about downloading Norton Setup file and install it on your PC.

Significant Features of Norton

  1. Norton shields your device from being exaggerated against spyware, malware, viruses, and other malicious threats.
  2. It safeguards your personal information and important data.
  3. 100% guaranteed protection from the moment you subscribe to a Norton service.
  4. Secures multiple devices- PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets in a single frame
  5. Make the family member tension free as kids can explore the internet connection without having the fear of cyber criminals.
  6. Automatically backs up your photos and important documents that are stored on PC. So, don’t worry about losing them.

Setup, Download and Install Norton at Download

To install and setup Norton on a new PC, Mac, Android or IOS device, go through the provided instructions carefully and perform the same as directed here. Have a glimpse on the noted lines once:

Install Norton Setup On Windows

If you are a Windows user, then don’t feel blue just sit at one corner and have a cup of tea as our talented team has collected all the desired steps to do so. You only need to follow them step-wise in an appropriate manner:

  1. First thing you should do is to uninstall the pre-installed antivirus program if any
  2. Download the actual and latest version of Norton Antivirus by visiting its official site Download. Rather than going with online service, you may also purchase the CD/DVD for the Norton and insert it into the drive
  3. When you open Norton’s official site on web browser, the next step would have to do is to login to your Norton account by entering the correct login credentials
  4. In case, you don’t have created the account previously, then the very beginning step is to create an account on Norton. So, instead of clicking on Sign-in button click “Create an Account” option and then fill-up the desire information into the field properly
  5. Once the account gets created, you have to open the official link and enter the login credentials
  6. Now, once the account is logged-in, enter the 25-charcaters product key into the box
  7. In the next page, select ‘Automatic Renewal Service’, if you want to renew the software when it gets expired
  8. If you do not want to automatically renew the product, then make a click upon the ‘Skip’ button onto the same page
  9. Read out the Automatic Product Renewal terms and conditions and then click ‘Agree and Continue’ button
  10. Now, enter your credit card credentials to renew the service automatically even though without informing you
  11. Note down your billing address and then click ‘Enroll’ button
  12. You will now receive a pop-up message stated “Your Norton Security is ready to download”
  13. By clicking on “Agree and Download” button, the file will begin downloading
  14. Wait for a while as it takes few minute to completely download the setup file
  15. You are done with installing and completing Norton setup

Install And Setup Norton Antivirus On Mac

  1. Visit the link on your web browser
  2. Sign up for Norton account if you don’t have or sign in if you already have
  3. Enter Product Key of 25-charcters into the desired field and to activate and then press ENTER
  4. After activation of Norton antivirus, go to your Norton account and select your product option under services i.e., like Norton360, Norton security, Norton internet security, Norton security deluxe, Norton Antivirus, Norton security standard etc.
  5. Download the product for Mac and install it. Wait until your Mac restarts
  6. Update your Norton product to the latest version if require
  7. Check firewall settings and update your operating system if needed
  8. Run a full scan just to assure it’s running well

Obtain a Product Key for Activating Norton at

Product key is the necessary one to activate your Norton as unless you enter the key, Norton won’t be activated and perform its actual task like scanning the device and get rid of unwanted files and folders. You may find the product key employs 25-charcters at With Product Key. For getting Norton installed on PC through online process, you can obtain the product key on email id. But if you purchase such antivirus program from retailer, then the key is mentioned on the back-side of the CD/DVD cassettes.

How to Uninstall Norton On Mac and Windows Both?

Sometimes Norton refuges to download few documents as it finds that the file is affected but that one is urgent for you. At that point, what you should actually do is to uninstall the Norton and then try to download the file. However, due to some other reason you may also want to disable Norton or uninstall it from device. Having a less idea or knowledge regarding uninstallation process, feel-free to look-up the below points:


Uninstall Norton On Windows

For Windows operating device, you have to go through the noted lines:

  1. Select the Windows you are accessing from the desktop tile
  2. Fetch up the charms bar
  3. Select ‘Settings’, then control panel
  4. Choose ‘uninstall a program’
  5. Click on Norton app to eradicate and hit on ‘uninstall’ option
  6. By doing this, Norton will completely eliminated from your PC

Uninstall Norton For Mac

  1. Go to your app folder and open Symantec solution folder
  2. Give a double click on the option ‘Symantec uninstaller’
  3. In the uninstall Symantec product window, check the box saying close to the Norton application to be uninstalled
  4. And then click uninstall

Get Instant Support for Login

If you have any queries related to your recent downloaded Norton software or application via, you can get it cleared from top-to-toe within a couple of seconds by sending out an e-mail or by instantly chatting with our executive team. The team is highly skilled and dedicated towards their work. Therefore, you will not get disappointed from the solutions or services provided by them. To make instant connection with tech-geeks, we provide a helpline number which is accessible round the clock. So, you can get remote assistance within your budget simply by placing a call on that number.